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Bespoke Mazes for Behavioural Research

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Dipec are experienced in the design and production of various scientific and research apparatus. High quality, airtight, transparent acrylic can be bent, moulded and cut by our expert technicians for a range of research uses, allowing the observation of test subjects in a secure and sterile environment.

Supplying Research Centres

We have supplied a number of research centres with rodent behavioural mazes, designed and built to client specifications. From traditional mazes, single or multiple T-mazes, Y-mazes or radial arm mazes, all can be supplied fixed, or modular, which allows easy transportation and multiple configurations. They can be air-tight and enclosed, or open topped. Our test mazes can be created to meet the research requirements.

To learn more about plastic fabrication services head over to our dedicated plastic fabrication services page.

Do you have a need for plastic products? If so, why not team up with our plastic design and manufacturing experts to get the wheels in motion and bring those ideas to life? You can get in touch with the team by calling 02920 598393, e-mailing sales@dipec.co.uk or by completing our online contact form.

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