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We offer a comprehensive range of services for plastic and acrylic products, as well as handling, producing, and distributing many other materials, including ABS, HDPE, PVE, polycarbonates, PETG, aluminium composite and many more.

Our skilled craftsmen utilise precision tools to physically create the products that were once just a vision. From bespoke display units and protective exhibition cases to TV/film sets, medical equipment, machine guarding and so much more. Dipec offers the opportunity to make things happen.

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CNC Machining plastic

CNC Machining

Our heavy duty, multi-head CNC router with tool change facilities is capable of accurately cutting panels up to 3000mm x 1500mm into shapes that would be otherwise impossible to achieve with manual tools. This versatile precision machinery can be used to craft a range of products such as bomb trolleys, test rigs, supermarket screens, and much more, all with an efficient and professional finish and with little to no waste.

Line bending plastic

Line/Hot Wire Bending

Line bending or hot-wire heat bending is one of the most affordable and effective acrylic fabrication processes to make straight, precise folds at various angles and radiuses on plastic components up to 3m in length. Different optimal heats are required to make different plastics malleable, and this allows the material to be easily shaped and formed, including a focus on specific portions of the plastic. Following the procedure, the plastic material cools and holds its new shape.



Thermoforming plastic


Thermoforming (oven moulding) techniques can accurately transform a range of plastic sheet materials into a two-dimensional shape with the use of heat. The process is carried out in several stages and provides benefits such as the ability to mould sheet acrylic into different shapes using bespoke templates and jigs, as well as being particularly beneficial at moulding large panels up to 2.2m x 1.0m in size.

Polished acrylic in a variety of different colours


Four different polishing methods (Diamond, Flame, Chemical & Mop) can be used to achieve a high-quality hand polished finish to plastic materials. Diamond polishing involves automated machinery and is the most cost-effective way to edge finish acrylic with precision. Flame polishing, as the name suggests, involves a highly directional hot flame being applied to the surface of the acrylic material and ensures a quality polished finish with a hand safe edge. Chemical polishing removes a thin layer of material across the surface to leave a smooth, polished finish and is specifically used for PETG and polycarbonate materials. Mop polishing involves manually buffing the surface of the material to the highest quality polished finish available.



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Our welding capabilities allow us to plastic weld a wide range of materials including polyethylene, polypropylene, PETG, polycarbonate, PVC, and other raw virgin materials. A strong weld allows two or more individual pieces of plastic material to be joined together.


Pillar drills are used to perform drilling, countersinking and counterboring on a wide variety of products. Precise round holes are achieved with pillar drilling machinery and is suitable for bespoke products as well as mass production runs.

Cementing & Gluing

We utilise solvent bonding by applying a solvent mixture to the bond joint of two plastic materials to secure the parts together. These solvent mixtures are created using compounds and specialist adhesives. Plastic cementing is also used in the creation of many plastic products.

Manual Copy Routering

Manual copy routering is used to create exact replicas of existing shapes or holes either from existing templates or from templates that are created to specification - with no drawings or files required. It is often used for re-creating an existing product or object that is otherwise difficult, expensive, or impossible to obtain.


We can produce simple or creative and intricate engravings onto plastic materials with the use of our mechanical engraving machine. We can engrave any text, image, or design onto large or small acrylic sheets - perfect for a wide range of purposes, from illuminated fruit machine panels through to stylish hairdressing displays and much more.