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The abundance of advantages that acrylic and different forms of plastic has over other materials make it the perfect choice for businesses across a wide range of sectors. They are lightweight, durable, highly transparent, available in different thicknesses, and require minimal maintenance to name just a few. These advantages make plastics one of the most versatile materials available on the market with a myriad of diverse applications that make use of its unique properties.

Acrylic has been around for almost 200 years, yet it’s still the perfect modern solution for so many things. From simply replacing transparent glass to being formed and shaped to creatively meet a multitude of specific purposes.

Read on to learn more about some of the sectors that are utilising acrylic and other plastic materials in a variety of diverse ways.

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plastic fabrication services for the retail & hospitality sector

Retail & Hospitality

Acrylic and other plastics can be seen everywhere across the retail and hospitality industry as these materials are highly utilised across the entire sector for a wide range of both practical and creative purposes. The ability to shape, bend and join plastics that are affordable, low maintenance, durable and available in colours, tones or as transparent makes it a suitable material of choice for supermarkets, shops, hotels and more.

plastic fabrication services for the industry sector


Many manufacturers face limitations when it comes to specific aspects of the process, so sourcing a specialist plastic fabrication manufacturing company to supply the necessary parts, whether bespoke and made to specification or on a mass scale, is often an important cog in the wheel of production. Plastic materials are used for the creation of specific parts in a product, as well as in the machinery that creates those products.



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plastic fabrication services for the health & Science sector

Health & Science

As plastic materials boast excellent optical clarity and mouldability as well as an array of other useful properties, it’s the ideal material for many health and life science applications and products. These materials are used for equipment across Medical, Dentistry, Laboratory and Veterinary sectors.

plastic fabrication services for the TV & film sector

TV & FIlm

The versatility of acrylic and other plastics means it’s widely used across the TV and film sector, from entire TV sets for chat shows and game shows, to uniquely moulded props and acrylic sheet lighting applications. Even the director’s clapper board is often made with acrylic.


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plastic fabrication services for the museums & galleries sector

Museums & Galleries

Acrylic is commonly used in museums, galleries, and other informational venues due to its clarity, strength, convenience, and shatter resistance qualities. The fact acrylic is available in transparent form letting in approximately 92% of light compared to 80% with glass while being 17 times stronger makes it the ideal choice for exhibition cases that can protect artefacts, paintings, and other exhibits. Acrylic is often used to not only protect, but also to create, with many artistic and interactive pieces being crafted from acrylics and other plastics.

plastic fabrication services for the events sector


Many events make use of acrylic and plastic materials for the creation of a wide range of things. As plastic materials offer the ability to create something truly bespoke it is often the material of choice for unique one-off items, such as a creative display unit. Plastic materials are also used for the likes of creative stage set designs as well as for protective purposes, such as the transparent acrylic sheets that surround ice rinks.



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plastic fabrication services for the automotive & transport sector

Automotive & Transport

Acrylic products are widely used to manufacture a vast range of parts on all types of vehicles as well as the machinery that manufactures the vehicles. From storage holders and other miscellaneous vehicle parts used in assembly to transparent protective boat windscreens, the use of plastic materials across the entire automotive and transport sector is vast.

plastic fabrication services for the signage sector


Signage surrounds us in all areas of our life and there are a multitude of reasons and purposes for why businesses across all sectors make use of signs. From standard wayfinding signage helping people navigate their way around a premises to fascia signage that promotes a brand and its products and services, many are crafted with the use of plastic materials.